Friday, November 12, 2010

South Park: The Coon Saga (Review)

South Park- Part 1:

South Park has an amazing track record with offending people, and lets face it, they have no remorse. This year we have faced one of the greatest natural dissasters in human history, and I know what your thinking and it was not Lebron James and Tiger Woods. If any care to remember the news, we would clearly remind ourselves of The Gulf Coast Oil Spill created by BP.

Plot- Cartman dons the Alter Ego of "The Coon" once again. He enlists the aid of several new superfriends(all of which includes his friends), their job is to protect the town of South Park from unnatural disasters. One day during the Coon & Friends meeting, a fire starts to burn in a building, Coon & Friends go to the scene, only to find that Fireman aren't allowing them to enter the building. BUT WAIT!!! Here comes... CAPTAIN HINDSIGHT!!! (Once a reporter who became a super hero after sitting on a chair that gave him radio active effects) He has the power to tell people about the faults that people make that could save lives, but once he tells people that, they abandon the aid for others (which is strange because arent superheroes not suppose to help people both physically and mentally?). So Cartman plans the idea to make Captain HindSight join Coon & Friends. He utterly fails though. Meanwhile BP has caused yet another oil spill in the Gulf due to careless drilling, BP president Tony Hayword sends many "We're Sorry, Sorry" commercials, and to change everything, he changes the Name from BP to DP(try guessing what DP stands for). Cartman plans to blackamil Captain HindSight by photoshoping his face with a naked homeless man and Butters dressed up as Courtney Love, but Mosquito tells him that his plan is just plain stupid, and Mysterion agrees with him, so to show authority The Coon attacks Mosquito in a classic "A Clockwork Orange" style, which leads The Coon to get kicked off of Coon & Friends. Meanwhile Captain Hindsight actually believes that the fake pictures of him and "Courtney Love" are actually true. But DP has unleashed monsters from another demension that kill anything ruthlessly. Which brings Tony Hayword the idea that if he drills on the moon the earths gravitational pull will put everything back to normal, but will Earth take it? "Oh, she'll take it"-Tony Hayword.

 Drilling on the moon brings the wrath of Cthulu(from the Lovecraft series) and brings about 3,000 years of suffering, and its up to Coon & Friends to stop Cthulu!

Problems-I tend not to have problems with south Park, I think its an intelligent show that indicates that people should have the right to free speech even if its offending someone, but the first 10 min. were rather boring and uninteresting.

What I liked- I stated that South Park creators have no remorse unlessed threatened by extremist muslims, and I love their style of comedy, so it was a no brainer that I would love the idea of insulting the BP oil crisis, but I dont see it as an offense, in fact I see it as an image to Humans as an example that we can be incredibally stupid and we can fuck up again. Tony Hayword constantly saying he's sorry was very interesting to me because it shows the lack of balls that this man has, he doesnt do anything to help, he just makes things worse and thats what  love about his appearance. The Coon & Friends makes it very interesting for example mocking the idea that we need superhumans to fix all of our problems just proves that we are that lazy and stupid(no offense).

Overall I like this episode alot, it's politically incorrect and very funny

I give this episode 4.5/5 Stars

South Park- Part 2:

After word broke out of Christoher Nolans sequal to "The Dark Knight", he finally announced a title for the Film "The Dark Knight Rises". And South Park creators Matt Stone & Trey Parker announced the title for the seqaul to the prvious episode of South Park, which is known as "Mysterion Rises" with a Batman like logo from Christopher Nolans first film from the Batman series "Batman Begins"

Plot- With the rise of Cthulu, and the Fall of The Coon, Cartman tries to control Cthulu, but every dark lord ignores the call of someone who wants help. Meanwhile "Coon & Friends"(without the Coon) have a bake sale to help people at the Gulf. Yet a wacko comes to them telling them that Cthulu will bring the end of time, the super friends become suspicious and look for the group book which is known as the "Necronomica"(sounds kinda "Evil Dead" like right?) they look at their base and notice that it is completely ransacked by Captain HindSight, he is looking for the pictures of "him" and "Courtney Love", but Mysterion tells him that The Coon sent those as a lie and to stop him, HindSight doesnt believe him and shoves a gun at Mysterion.

Mysterion tells Hindsight that his powers cannot match the powers of Mysterion(who in reality; Spolier Alert!; is Kenny), which is that he cannot die. HindSight leaves and thinks to himself "should I take away all my powers?", then Tony Blair gives a "Lebron James" style message asking people "What should I do?". Later Coon & Friends go to meet the secret meeting of Cthulu followers, in it they see a few people they know, specifically the Goth kids, (thousands of years of total darkness and Chaos, sounds pretty Goth?) Mysterion leaves because he believes he has to something with the end of Cthulu. Cartman now aqquires the attention of Cthulu, and together they form The Coon & Friend! Mysterion confronts the Goth kids and tells them he needs information that could help solve his question about his powers. The Cult stabs Kenny, killing him in front of his friends. He wakes up only to find that no one remebers him dying

Problems- There is a scene where Cartman acts cute and cudly, NEVER AGAIN do I want to see him like that! Its really uncomfortable!

What I liked- Kenny is actually the main character in this episode, and he hasnt been the Main character in an episode since "The Ring". They give a near exact voice of Christian Bale and it is freakin hilarious.

Overall I liked this episode, yet not as funny as the first part

I give it 4/5 stars

South Park- Part 3

Its the final chapter in the Coon Saga, and so far its beating the other Saga that we envy alot(oh we all know we hate Twilight, yet were still waiting for South Park to make fun of it completely). This one takes the word "Sublime" and morphs it into 72 other dementions. How you may ask? Heres how.

Plot- MintBerry Crunch is a very odd member of Coon & Friends, he technically has no power other than the fortifying taste of Mint and Berry with some crunch, meanwhile Mysterion is still angry at the fact that no one remembrs him dying, to prove it, he shoots himself, right in front of his friends faces, and still no one remembers him dying. Meanwhile The Coon has total control of Cthulu and wants to use his power to make his world alot better(that means no Jewish Sinagogs, no Burning Man, no whole foods markets.). Cartman returns home only to trick his friends into believing that he is sorry, unfourtunatley he brought the power of Cthulu

Cthulu banishes Coon & Friends(except MintBerry Crunch who runs away) to a dark oblivion where they realize it's the demension that the BP Oil drill first opened up. To rescue them Mysterion kills himself(painfully) and maneges to wake up in his bed. Cartman arrives at Burning Man, and kills off everyone there, he is ready to kill his next victim, Justin Bieber. Mysterion arrives at the goth kids house and asks them how to kill Cthulu, unfortunately MintBerry Crunch lives in the same house as the obese Goth Girl, and starts telling Mysterion to grab her legs, though Mysterion has learned enough about destroying Cthulu, MintBerry Crunch joins Mysterion. The Coon and Cthulu arrive at the Justin Bieber concert and Massicre every one at the concert especially Bieber. Mysterion arrive in time to stop Cartman, only to realize that MintBerry Crunch was the hero with real powers because he wasnt from Earth at all, he was born in a different planet.

MintBerry Crunch finally puts an end to all the distruction and ends the chaos. He leaves the planet Earth and The Coon is an a small enclosed box that is meant to keep him from leaving his home. Mysterion is still sad that no one remebers him dying, so he shoots himself, only to find the explanation of his rebirths, his mom constantly keeps making babies of kenny everytime he dies because his parents entered The Cult of Cthulu

Problems- MintBerry Crunch has to be one of the most annoying characters of all of South Parks characters, I was really dissapointed that Mysterion didn't face Cthulu. There are alot of homages of Warner Brothers cartoons and that annoyed the hell out of me, seriously.

What I liked- There are alot of Stronger laughs that this episode had comparing the other 2, specifically the Justin Bieber death, the chaos at Burning Man, and Mysterion constantly killing himself. Plus the Lebron James techinique was very clever. And Cartman constantly calling him and Cthulu "Coon & Friend" was really funny.

Overall The Final Chapter to the Coon Saga may have been extraordinarly wierd but it was a funny episode and I dont think I will laugh like I did when Justin Bieber was announced

I give it 4/5 stars

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Social Network Review

Back in September I wrote my review for Catfish. In it, I stated that it was about the people who lie on Facebook, while I stated that Mark Zuckerberg was the creator back in 2004, well this is his story.

In 2003, Mark Zuckerberg attended Harvard(and this was in the era that Myspace & Friendster were the top social internet chains), and Zuckerberg wanted to join an exclusive club(even if it meant that he wouldn't have a female friend). He goes on a livejournal account and starts blogging about his girlfriend who attends Boston University. Then one of his friends gives him the idea to create a website that rates girls by looks. Mark convinces his best friend Eduardo to give him the Algorithm to download information from Harvard students. It gets him into alot of trouble(and so much hatred from women) , that it impresses Cameron Winklevoss and his twin brother Tyler Winklevoss, that they ask Zuckerberg if he can make a website for them that only allows people from Harvard to join, but Zuckerberg(as not shown in Inception) inplanted his own idea where he can improve the Winklevoss's website, hence thefacebook is born, until Sean Parker(from Napster) becomes apart if the site and starts calling it "Facebook", but you cant make 500 million friends without making a few enemies.

This is definitely a film that defines the generation and the last decade. The last decade we had faced many issues(9/11, the war in Iraq, the fall of the economy, Paully Shores career, New Orleans flooding, and Obama's presidency). But the last decade was about social networking. Myspace use to be the king of Social Networking until Facebook improved the site(now Myspace is ghetto), Twitter is now the site where people can get their news a lot faster than separate sites and Newspapers, Rotten Tomatoes is still the best place to review and talk about movies(but we need the old site back!!!). So the Social Network is an excellent example of the last decade.

There has been a lot of debate on whether this film is fictional or true. The actual Mark Zuckerberg actually stated "I just wished that nobody made a movie of me while I was still alive." and that apparently the film is mostly fiction. To me, fiction or real, this is still a really good film about the aspects of growing up and trying to succeed in college.

The performances in the film were just great, I'm actually expecting nominations from this film, Jessie Isenberg really breaks from his usual characters in each one of his films(top that Michael Cera!). Andrew Garfield is really great in this film as well(in fact you should focus on his performance because according to many networks he is going to play the new Spiderman). Justin Timberlake is really funny in this movie as Sean Parker, i believe he is one of the many few musicians who transferred well into film. David Fincher is the best thing about the film, he directed this film wonderfully and i believe he will probably win best director at the Oscars this year.

Its ironic that I have seen this film on opening day because its the same day that people in High School will start signing up for college, and soon i will sign up for college myself, and I will sign up for CSU Monterey Bay(and that's why I haven't been reading and writing reviews) and a bunch of other colleges. And as some of you know I have been making a club for reviewing and learning about the art of film, and its been working real well, until I found out that someone already had a film club that only watches movies, but doesn't discuss, so I'm basically the Mark Zuckerberg of my school.

Overall The Social Network is the best film I have seen this year because it clearly shows us the real world of college and your future career

I give this film 5/5 stars