Monday, October 10, 2011

The Thing. A franchise that shouldn't die.

There are many film franchise's that deserve to live. Then there are franchise that deserve to be stoned to death. I have seen many film franchise's where they are so bad, that however Hollywood decided to continue the exploration of the franchise is still questionable.

One of the many few franchises that deserve to go away is The Human Centipede. A horror franchise that you just want to vomit directly in its face.

Yet, even though there are a lot of Horror franchises that are terrible(Friday the 13th anyone?), there are those that somehow survive the torment. The Evil Dead is one of the most marvelous franchise's to ever exist on film. And The Thing, which has an original, and a remake, and in a few days, will have a prequel.

I was lucky enough to see the Prequel before the audience, and this is a review for the upcoming film, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, The Thing.

I am not going to divulge to much info, only what I can.

In the frozen dead waste of the planet earth, 3 russian scientists are caught in an avalanche, while stuck in their car, they discover the scientific find that will change humanity forever. Dr. Sander Halversen(Ulrich Thomsen) enlists the aid of Dr. Kate Lloyd(Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Adam Goodman(Eric Christian Olsen, who oddly looks like Matthew Grey Gubblar). They are taken to a Norwegian base by Helicopter pilot Sam Carter(Joel Edgerton). Once they enter the base, they realize that they are the first humans to discover an alien organism that froze itself above its ship. Once it escapes, people die, one by one in just 3 days, realizing that if they do not kill the alien, then earth might be in danger.

For a horror film, it's actually gory entertainment. It may not be better than the original Carpenter version, but who said it was supposed to be?

This is actually more of a human drama than a horror movie. There is no romance between Kate or Sam, that would just make the film sappy, and hopeful. No, this film uses paranoia, and slow shots to give each character depth. No talent is wasted on this film. Everyone actually does a good performance from what the trailer presented the audience.

I have to give it up for Director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., he has a lot of respect for this franchise(one of his favorite films is actually Carpenters version of The Thing). He really took his time to dissect the story and the origins behind the Carpenter version. Even Universal Studio's didn't want to do a remake, they actually felt like it would be painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa.

The visual effects were my favorite part of the film. VFX were the main reason why I started loving and wanting to work in film was because of Visual artistry. The film uses both practical effects and computer effects. Each frame is well rendered enough to see and identify how the beast moves and kills.

Overall, I really liked this film, it was entertaining, slow paced to fill the paranoid void, and gory.

I give it 4/5 Stars


  1. I'm not really a horror fan, so there is a low chance of me seeing this film, but you never know. Impeccable review Chris

  2. Nice review man. I am one of the few people who aren't a fan of the original, but this does look like it has potential.

  3. Nice review, I've never seen any of the them, but I'm going to check out the 1982 version soon. This one sounds good though.

  4. I loved the original and I didn't expect the prequel to be better, nevertheless I am extremely looking forward to this. As a continuing franchise though, I fear it'd get diluted and end up being far from the greatness of the first film. Great review